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ABRT Fund: Exceptional Performance

ABRT Venture Fund was founded in 2006 by Andrei Baronov and Ratmir Timashev, 
who have exceptional reputation of global top tier serial entrepreneurs.

Nick Mitushin, Managing Partner

ABRT Venture Fund created its investment conveyor: sourcing, pipeline, portfolio management — together with leading VCs. We achieved exceptional performance with great portfolio companies, over $100s of millions in run rate each. Today ABRT Fund has evolved into a Swiss-based holding company, which develops holistic Digital VC Ecosystem.

Nick Mitushin, Managing Partner


Our portfolio companies include

Startup Ecosystem Platform

Startup Ecosystem Platform is cloud tool for startups, investors and industry experts. We attract accelerators and funds,
mentors and facilitators to make best practices and international expertise available to startups for enduring growth.


Global network

and resources in the Startup Ecosystem Platform creates the right climate for startups level-up



Early engagement

of startups with investors and collecting data on teams performance serves for investment opportunities identification


Enduring growth

Hands-on acceleration tools, best practices and international expertise are available to startups worldwide

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Meet our Team

ABRT was established by Andrei Baronov and Ratmir Timashev after they sold their company Aelita Software to Quest Software in 2004. Since then ABRT has always attracted best people with a passion to building global technology companies.

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